Thursday, November 21, 2013


Silver is the most unusually coloured, fawn, smooth coat Chihuahua 2 years old, and is very timid and shy but not biting at all.  He has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, and is looking for a quiet home where he can learn to trust humans.  His price is $400.


Knight is a smooth coat white Chihuahua of 4 years 4 months.  He is extremely timid and shy but does not bite.   He requires a quiet home and time to trust the human race!  Children probably not suitable, but gets on OK with other small dogs.  He has been desexed, immunised, microchipped.  His price is $400.


Rufus is a long coat red pure Chihuahua and is 1 1/2 yrs. Very timid at the moment.  Rufus will not be suitable With children, and will need a quiet home, and time to trust the human race again.  He has been desexed, immunised, microchipped.  His price is $400.  He is squashing me!!


A little Black Beauty pure Chihuahua, only 11 months old.  Just a little timid and beginning to trust.  A little cheeky!  He has been desexed, immunised, and microchipped.  His price is $400


A gorgeous little long coat Chihuahua of almost 2 years, very cheeky and teases the other Chihuahuas!  Not suitable for children and needs a nice quiet home..  He has been desexed, immunised, and microchipped.  His price is $400.


Pup two is the smaller of the two puppies and looks more Heeler cross Staffy.  Three months old, very playful and such a cuddle pot!  Just loves to snuggle into you.  She will be desexed, immunised, and microchipped.  Her price will be $250.
Pup Two is on left.


Not a Chihuahua but a big young puppy who was going to be euthanised!  At a guess we think she is a Staffy cross Heeler!  This puppy will grow into a big dog and will require lots of exercise.  Her priceis $250 and she is now ready for adoption.  She has been desexed, immunised and microchipped, and we believe she is about 15 weeks old  She is very playful, loving toys and the other little dogs, likes to snuggle into you for cuddles!


Foxy is a gorgeous well behaved Fox Terrier, could be Mini Foxy, about 2 years old.  He spent thirty days in a pound and was due to be euthanised so we decided to give him a second chance as he seemed such a good little boy.  He has been desexed, immunised and microchipped.  Vet says he is in excellent health.
His price is $250
Just look at those beautiful soft eyes!  He sits for his dinner and then eats sooo daintily!  He allows you to remove his plate (which we have only done to assess his reaction!)  Bless him, he sat on his bottom and looked right into my eyes with total trust!  Told him he was a very good boy and gave him the rest of his dinner, and then a little treat!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Oh what a darling little dog!! Charlie is about 2 years old, and one of the most obedient little dogs I think we have ever seen in 24 years doing rescue!  He is very quiet, comes to get a pat and sits in front of you!!  He gazes into your eyes with so much trust it just melts your heart!!  He walks beautifully and obeys all commands!  Sits for his dinner, when finished he sits again beside the empty plate and waits for you to give him praise!!  Unbelievable!!  He is a Jack Russell (we think!!) cross Chihuahua.  He has been desexed, and microchipped, and will be immunized in a day or so.  His price is $300.  The person who adopts this little guy will need to like walking daily as he needs the exercise and he loves it too!!
Please note that we have an interested party to adopt Charlie.