Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This gorgeous little male Chihuahua is looking for a new home as his loving owners have a new baby. He is a little shy when first meeting you but after a cuddle he settles down and just loves to sit quietly on your lap watching TV! He is toilet trained and is well behaved. We are not sure of his age just yet but think it is about 6 years.

Tanga Ranga

Tanga is very happy now in her new home.
Tangaranga is a gorgeous little Chihuahua cross weighing in at 3kg. and about 2 years old. She is very well behaved, and quiet - even when people come over! She is a friendly little girl and craves cuddles and attention. Tangaranga was to have been euthanised after she did her time in the pound because she has a dermatitis skin condition, but has been given a second chance.
So here she is - just a lovely little dog. She has had a six weeks course of antibiotics and cortisone treatment for the dermatitis.
Vet check on 1st October and now the hair is beginning to grow again! Her coat has become glossy and healthy. She is one gorgeous little dog!


Happily rehomed and settling in well.
Sometimes we find a darling little dog who needs lots of loving care and attention. Sometimes they are in pain; sometimes their skin is affected by flea bites that have been left untreated; etc. etc.
Well here is our darling little Toby! He is an older little Chihuahua cross, but very small. He has spent his life as a "farm" dog - outside with the working dogs etc. Not the sort of life that these little dogs should have to lead! Despite all this, Toby is a friendly loving little companion. He has been with us for a few weeks now as we have tried to get his skin healed and the horrible itchyness cured. he never complains and always greets us with heaps of loving licky kisses and such adoration in his gorgeous eyes! Toby is now toilet trained; has been immunized, microchipped, and desexed; had flea treatments and been wormed. He still has some irritated skin which is beginning to heal.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Happily rehomed
Dante is Nero's litter brother and is a long coat Chihuahua of 2 years. Nero and Dante must be placed together, and neither is suitable for small children. They are very clean in the house and get along well with the other little dogs.
Dante and Nero are both very loving and cuddly little dogs. They are just fantastic!


Happily rehomed
Nero is a 2 year old male long coat gorgeous Chihuahua who is the best of mates with his litter brother, Dante. The two little dogs must be placed together. Both have been immunized, desexed, microchipped, wormed and flead. Both are very clean in the house. Nero is the tan one and Dante is the black. Both are very loving and friendly little dogs. Neither is suitable for young children under about 8 years.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gallo has happily been rehomed!
We have received this email from Gallo's owner today and hope someone can help them find him a new home.
Quote:- Gallo is a 4 year old, short haired Pomeranian x Chihuahua. He is desexed, microchiped, toilet trained and vaccinated.
Gallo is a very loving and affectionate dog who loves to play and cuddle. He is also very smart energetic and responds well to training.
Gallo comes from a very loving family of four people and three dogs. Due to family dynamics and house size the family has to regretfully surrender gallo.
Gallo is a beautiful dog who would really benefit from being the only dog so he gets lots of walking, love and attention.
He would also suit an older couple/person or family with older children .


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Percy is now happily rehomed

Percy is a gorgeous white/cream Chihuahua cross of about 8-9 years. Toilet trained and loves his daily walks. Percy and Missy have been together all their lives so they will not be separated.
They do not like other dogs or cats.
Percy is the more "outgoing" of the two but also very loving and obedient. The minute you sit down they both want to get on your lap! Missy normally gets there first and poor Percy has to let Missy have her way. They are both very loving little dogs.

November 2010. Percy and Missy have finally found a wonderful and happy new home to live out the rest of their lives.
Received this email to let us know how they are going - quote:-
Di has her new camera and I have just downloaded three shots of the terrible twins to send to you. The two of them really settled into the new location immediately and are a bundle of fun. They spend the day roaming the block, chasing our pet magpies and kookaburras who we feed, and generally enjoying themselves. Our block is not flat and they end the day pretty tired.
They are two different personalities for sure. Percy always wants a cuddle and is the more adventurous of the two, always exploring and confident. Missy is more timid and follows him for a while , then is quite happy to lie down on her own, and
enjoy her own company until she hears Percy bark at a bird and she is up and out there to support him in whatever he has got up to. They both get plenty of cuddles and Missy is first in line , but after a few minutes she has had enough and just gets down and lies on a sheepskin rug they have adopted as their day spot. On the other hand Percy will jump up and enjoy getting tickled all day if we had the time.
Strangely, they have bonded first with Di and at 6.30am when I get up, they give me a royal welcome and cuddles on the couch, but then as soon as I open the passage door, they desert me and take off down the hall, fly up onto Di's bed and proceed to tumble all over her. Di loves it if she is getting up but if she is trying for a bit of a sleeping
, I have to keep the door closed . If I lie down on the couch at night I have the pair of them stretched out beside me and they will stay there until we go to bed.
So the progressive report is that we are delighted to have them and spoil them, and the little buggers seem to be very happy here with us.

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Missy is now happily rehomed.

Missy is a Chihuahua cross, very small dog, and is very obedient. She is spotlessly toilet trained and likes to go for daily walks. She walks beautifully - no pulling etc. Has spent the last four months with a young family and has learnt to walk the children to school each morning, then pick them up each afternoon (always on a harness!) She has been speyed, microchipped, immunized, wormed, and flead, and we estimate her age to be about 8-9 years. Missy and Percy had one owner for the first few years of their lives but unfortunately this elderly lady passed away. Both Percy and Missy were fretting for their owner for a little while. Their new Family bought them out of their sadness and have given them a new lease on life. They are good with older children. They must be placed together. They do not like other dogs or cats. Missy is one of the softest feeling little dogs I have met for a long time -so very gentle! They would be suitable for an older person who just wants a couple of very small dogs to love and cuddle and give heaps of love in return.
Check out the story on Percy! These two have found a wonderful home and are so happy, by all accounts!!

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